terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2011

Mimi Chocolat :)

Long time no see :)

As you can read in the previous post, some time ago I had some personal issues, and even my relation with my favorite character (and brand) was affected.

Since last September, I've been trying new things, I've been experimenting, and I've rediscovered my love for handmade things, for drawing with pencils and paints, for lace and vintage. So far, it's been a great experience :) you can check my progress on my other blog and Etsy shop (links bellow).

But..., I've always felt divided! I LOVE doing the work I do with Ribonita, but I miss my vectors, my kawaii characters and all the sweetness around them.

I've been thinking a lot about these matters, trying to reach to a conclusion.
Some say that an artist, designer, whatever, should have just one style of making things. I agree that one should have a very distinct personal style. But what if you live divided? What if "just one" isn't enough?
In my case, I need these two forms of expression to feel complete. My "grown up" side needs the quiet, soft, handmade, imperfect, hand drawn world of Ribonita, but my "little girl" side is also very alive, and it needs the candy kawaii to be happy too :)

So, I will continue my path dedicating my time both to Mimi Chocolat and Ribonita. They coexist within me, so they both can have a space in the world.

And that's it! You can follow both ways of my expression, or just the one you like the most :)
I thank you both ways :D

Mimi Chocolat:



4 comentários:

Dulce disse...

I love Mimi too, I hav a lot of things that remember me, so candy!!!

MC* disse...

Thank you Dulce :) <3 Mimi sends you a kiss!

Estela Mata disse...

Adora esta nova Mimi, doce doce :)!!!

MC* disse...

Obrigada Estela *^_^*